Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deitch Reunion

Games at the Deitch Reunion. Mike & Jon played the waterballoon toss. TP mummy is always fun. Jon was the newest member - only being married a week. Mike with his candy price for guessing the number of gum drops. As always, lots of food. We took Brownie and she played ball. Shocker there.

Farm Pictures

My cousin visting with the kids.

This was a cool web that had dew on one morning. It's was pretty neat.

Here's Pumpkin our new cat that we rescued from High Street in Carlisle.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Beauty of Shit!!!

I've been after this butterfly for months. It would taunt me from the window. I would grab the camera and chase it down only for it to fly off before I got the lens cap off, I would frantically take pictures only to realize there's no memory card - so there's no pictures. Today was the day. I was ready, then it landed in all it's glory...right on a big pile of pooh!!! Then it took off not to be seen again. But isn't it a beauty!?!? I guess there is beauty in a pile of shit.