Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wool socks take on a man

So, for Valentine's Day I handspun 250 yards of wool yarn, dyed that yarn and knit up a pair of the coolest frickin' socks ever. They were to be for my hubby for V-day. He loves wools sock and I thought that the homemade goodness would be perfect for a V-day gift. BUT then I was worried that they might not fit since it was the first time using that pattern, so I gave them to him early. They fit, he loved them, they were warm and comfy - everything a wonderful sock should be. He went off to work in them for the first time, they were perfect. THEN he thought he would do the laundry, in went the handspun, hand dyed, hand knit socks into the wash with his white cotton socks on super hot wash. Then they took a spin in the dryer. Needless to say that I now have a wonderful pair of socks and he doesn't.
No more wool socks for him.

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