Sunday, June 24, 2007

Down On The Farm

There are some days I get nothing done but taking pictures of my "kids" and things happening on the farm. Our family has grown since we got here, we are now the caretakers for 3 barn cats, and we are renting out space in the barn for a couple of barn swallows that just had a family of 4 babies. ( I say renting because their job is dive bomb the dogs all day, it keeps the pups on their toes.)

I have spun a lot of wool, because I have a stand at the Carlisle Summer Fair, with my sis this year. I also just got a great big bag of Alpca fibers that needs washed and spun, busy, busy, busy.

I finally finished the 3 hats for the Charmed Knitting group. I hope to be sending them off this week after pictures have been taken.

These are some pictures I just took on the farm. They are pictures of Aj, Brownie and her ball, the Sparrow and baby family, Cosmo & Hawthorn, my 2 angora goat kids.

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