Sunday, September 23, 2007

Spin Challenge #2

PluckyFluff posted the second spin challenge and I've been working on it in between everything else. This is my sketch. I have the yarn spun and I'm almost done knitting it. Here is the challenge.

Spin Challenge #2- WUZZLEFUBBER

1. sketch your wuzzlefubber and state your fibers and measurements.
2. all elements of the creature must be spun into the yarn.
3. creature must be knit/crocheted continually, following the dictate of the yarn (meaning knit the arm when you get to the "Arm" section of your yarn, wether you want to or not)
4. the yarn can not be cut.
5. the entire skein must be used

I wasn't too sure how to knit this thing, so far any good knitter is going to say what the hell are you doing but it was the only way I knew how to make the legs and not cut the yarn. I have to say that my measurements are off a bit. But oh well.

All creatures will be posted at the Yarn Museum and voting begins next week.

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