Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holy Speed Shipping Batman!!!

Wow, I just ordered my fabric on Friday Jan. 4th and It arrived yesterday, Monday the 7th!!! That's awesome. It came the whole way from Cali.

I'm very impressed with the speed of shipping, the quality of the product and the price!!!

If anyone needs fabric check out http://www.sewzannesfabrics.com/ They have awesome kid prints, but the also have great florals too. So many choices. Go look.

I also got some P.U.L. fabric, it's water proof on one side with a soft fabric on the other. I think I'll be making some bibs and maybe even some cloth diapers. I'm soooo excited.

We also just got back from our Dr's visit at 14 weeks. We were able to hear the little ones heart beat and everything sounds good, 140 beats per minute. I'm on cloud nine today.

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